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Torres del Paine

Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Frequent questions

How to buy or reserve ?. Send an email to

Do you have transfers from or to the airport? If we provide the service, you can see our fleet on this link

How do I schedule my transfer? The day before each excursion, the pick-up time is left at the reception of your hotel. The classic visit to the Perito Moreno Glacier is from 9:00 .// The Ice Rios Express tour begins the tour at 7:00 hs

What are the payment methods? The means of payment are by bank transfer,


TITULAR: Rodrigo Martin Tudino


CUENTA Nº 354-000-41-00641

CUIT: 20-24093496-6


Tarjeta de crédito, Visa, Master y Amex.

Para argentinos también esta disponible el pago a través de Mercado Pago.

Why do I need to complete my personal information to make a reservation? The information requested at the time of making a reservation, such as name, e-mail address, date of birth, nationality and hotel name at destination are requested by the companies responsible for providing the services of the tour. This data will be stored securely on our servers and will be used only for the hiring of this excursion. All the financial information will not be registered by us, but by MercadoPago in its servers with high security levels, being the only ones with access to this information.

Can I book when I arrive at the destination?

Yes, if you are in El Calafate, go to Avenida Roca 1004

How can I cancel or modify a reservation? To cancel or modify a reservation before 7 days, contact us by email at or to our phone celular +549 2902 484111 whatSapp


What promotions and benefits do they have?

Discounts Percentage Service Vouchers to submit

Retired20% Navigations Retired Net + ID

Disabled20% NavigationsDNI + Disability Certificate

Under 3 to 11 years old50% Navigations and TerrestrialsDNI


Privacy of the data. All transactions performed on the page are encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, this means that only Remis Calafate Turismo has access to your data. We promise not to disclose the information you share privately with us.

What references do you have on the internet? You can see our references on facebook

What clothing should I wear? In this guide we give you our recommendations.

Due to the ignorance that sometimes exist about the climate and temperatures that we have in El Calafate, we have put together a guide full of recommendations so that you know what clothes to bring at any time of the year.

We believe that it is advisable to put together a varied wardrobe to visit El Calafate, since in the same day you can have several types of climates. It is not surprising that in the morning there is a radiant sun, then wind, hours later rain and depending on the time of year snow and finally that El Calafate gives you a rainbow; It is also known that in the valley or in the mountains temperatures are lower than you can find in the city.


Temperatures tend to be below zero, but in turn, the accommodations, restaurants, shopping, tourist transport and shops are very well heated so do not worry, they will be exposed to the cold in some excursions but the nature is so wonderful that you will not have time to think about it.


  • The waterproof coat is the most suitable due to the snowfall or rains that may occur.

  • Then, you can opt for several layers of clothing "Onion style" where always the lightest anger in the first place and so on.

  • Thermal shirts, divers, fleece and cotton coat.

  • The thermal socks are the best option, and do not forget to always take an extra pair in the excursions in case they get wet for some reason.

Los Glaciares National Park.

Hot feet, hot body ... not to neglect the extremities of the body that is where more body heat escapes us.

That's why we recommend bringing gloves, a scarf and a hat as you may not use it but it will not be in your bag.

A good object for the legs, is to wear thermal underwear either under snow pants or jeans.

The shoes, the most convenient are shoes with rubber soles, waterproof as possible and with good grip for walks.

As accessories, some sunglasses will be useful as well as a sunscreen.

A backpack or small bag will be useful to you when making an excursion as well as if you want to explore part of the city on foot and you decide to take some mate, a nice place on the coastal promenade.

For those who visit Calafate in winter, we recommend the same detailed clothing and also know that they can rent in the center of the city all the clothing they need to enjoy their stay.

Binoculars / long views for bird watching, will also be very useful in the panoramic views of the city and from now on, the camera to freeze those moments for a lifetime.

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