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07am a 20:30pm  Todo el dia


ADULTS  X3= $ 2.600

ADULTS  X4= $ 2.000

Sumale TRF IN/OUT Aeropuerto

$ 600/600


Minimum 2 passengers

It includes:

Transfer from El Calafate

No Includes:               

Desert Lake Navigation

Box Lunch $360 desde su hotel


ADULTO $ 3.900              


Spectacular full day excursion in a frame of unparalleled natural beauty in which you visit the city of El Chaltén, the Cañadón del Río Las Vueltas, navigate the Desert Lake and take a trekking of 1 hour and a half in the mountain towards the Huemul Glacier.

The tour of the hotels in El Calafate begins at 7:00 am and then head towards the mythical Route 40. This route borders Lake Argentino, crosses the Santa Cruz River and La Leona River, and allows you to arrive, after 1 hour 15 minutes, to the old hotel of route Parador La Leona (almost a museum of Route 40). Subsequently, we continue along the Viedma Lake, having the Andes Mountains in the background and, before reaching Chaltén, a stop will be made at the Viedma Glacier viewpoint. From here you can see a beautiful panoramic view of the Viedma Glacier, the Andes Mountains and the emblematic Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. After 3 hours of travel and 220 km you will arrive at the mountain village of El Chaltén.

From our location in El Chaltén, the Cañadón del Río de las Vueltas will be crossed for 37 kilometers towards the Desert Lake along a gravel road through forests and beautiful streams.

Upon arriving at the Desert Lake they will embark to navigate this beautiful water mirror for 1 hour (round trip) and, when arriving at the opposite coast, they will descend to begin with the mountain trekking. There are three paths with different levels of difficulty to travel towards the Vespigniani Glacier. After 2 hours of trekking (round trip) through this spectacular natural landscape very little explored, you can eat the food in our dome located in the forest.

Around 4:00 p.m. the return to the city of El Chaltén begins, and then we return to El Calafate where it arrives at 8:30 p.m. approximately.


Atención al Cliente

Lunes a Domingo de 07:00 a 20:00 (GMT -3)

Av.  Roca 1004   cp9405, El Calafate


   +549 2902 - 484111  

            Sr. Martin Tudino



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